Copy of The Muslims' COVID-19 Handbook 2


A Guide on How to Deal with the

Covid-19 Pandemic from an islamic perspective. Published In consultation With Senior Scholars.

All praise belongs to Allah alone. We ask for His help, blessings and guidance. May Allah bless the messenger Muhammad, elevate his mention, honour him and protect him.

The current coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly across the globe, completely changing people’s lives. This also includes the Muslim community, who have been affected in various ways.

In writing this booklet, we aspire to bring hope to the community by the will of Allah and impart practical tips that are grounded in sound Islamic principles and knowledge.

The aims of this booklet are to:

  • Strengthen our imaan and spiritual connection with Allah during this time.

  • Ensure we are best prepared to deal with all eventualities for ourselves and loved ones.

May Allah make this a time in which we become closer to Him. May He protect us, our loved ones and the wider community from harm. Finally, we ask Him to forgive all of those who have passed away and have mercy on them.

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